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Engine Carbon Cleaning

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We are located in South Wales, covering a 30 mile radius.
We were established in May 2016 and have carbon cleaned over 2500 vehicles to date.
We're fully mobile and can come to your home or place of work when it's best convenient for you.

Our Hydrogen carbon machines can produce up to 2400ltrs of hydrogen gas per hour and is fully CE approved and fully insured.

Machine gas output is very important, as the more gas a machine produces the better the cleaning.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning is a new technology, which removes carbon deposits from your engines internals, you’ll most definitely notice the difference if your engine has carbon build up.

There are no NASTY chemicals used in the process, and no oil or filter changes are required after the cleaning process.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning has tons of benefits, but primarily it will improve your vehicles efficiency and performance. For the ecologically aware an added bonus, Hydrogen carbon clean will also help you do your part for the environment by reducing your vehicles emissions.

Cleaning the carbon deposits inside the engine. A revolutionary cleaning method which in 40 minutes removes carbon deposits from the turbo vains, valves, cylinder wall, piston bores, spark plugs, injector heads and exhaust outlet.

Please note:

Carbon cleaning will NOT clean the inlet manifold, EGR valve

or DPF (diesel particulate filter).

See our DPF Cleaning Service page for full information on our DPF cleaning.