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        A Carbon Cleaning Service will benefit your internal engine components.

Carbon build up can potentionaly lead to expensive repair costs on some major internal parts of your engine, such as EGR valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), Turbo issues, DPF filters (Diesel Particulate Filters), inlet manifold and injector problems.

These parts may benefit from an Engine Carbon Clean Service to remove any carbon build up on them.

    All petrol and diesel engines can be serviced and detoxed of carbon deposits

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* Effects are immediate           * Smoother engine           *Potential fuel saving      *Lower emissions

           * Approx 30-40 mins per service         * Restore lost horsepower           * Detox your engine

* Less vibrations         * Smoother, more power delivery of performance       * ...and we come to you               

Please note:

We don`t guarantee that any faults or problems on your vehicle will be fixed or cured by our clean. As this is a carbon clean service, not a repair service.